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1st quarter moon is April 22

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Moon Phases | April 20, 2018

This 1st quarter moon will offer gorgeous telescopic views for those taking part in Astronomy Day. Then it’ll conveniently set, leaving the sky dark for this weekend’s Lyrid meteors.

Elizabeth Worthy Clark caught a 1st quarter moon as it was setting, in February 2018.

This month’s first quarter moon comes on April 22, 2018, at 21:46 UTC (4:46 p.m. CST); Graffiti Print Leather Sneakers White Burberry e7CTPY
. A first quarter moon rises around noon and sets around midnight. It’ll be half-illuminated, looking like half a pie – in late afternoon or evening.

Thus on this Astronomy Day 2018 – on April 21 – the moon will be nearly first quarter. It’ll offer fantastic telescopic views along the lunar cutout detail sandals Red Alexandre Birman O07DB3o9oM
, or line between light and dark on the moon.

Also, this first quarter moon will be setting in the middle of the night and so won’t interfere with the Lyrid meteor shower, whose facchino wallet Prada q3PbVe5

Tom Wildoner caught this photo in November 2017. He wrote: “One of my favorite areas to photograph on the moon near the 1st quarter! I captured this view of the sun lighting up the mountain range called Montes Apenninus. The moon was casting a nice shadow on the back side of the mountains. This mountain range is about 370 miles (600 km) long with some of the peaks rising as high as 3.1 miles (5 km).”

Here’s something else to look for on a 1st quarter moon. Aqilla Othman in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, caught this photo in May, 2017. Notice that he caught Lunar X and Lunar V. These are similar features on the moon that fleetingly take an X or V shape when the moon appears in a 1st quarter phase from Earth.

At first quarter moon, the near side of the moon – the part we see – is half-illuminated by sunlight and half-immersed in the moon’s own shadow. In other words, we’re seeing half the moon’s day side.

We call this moon a quarter and not a half because it is one quarter of the way around in its orbit of Earth, as measured from one Regular Fit Turned Up Hem Jeans Sales Up to 50 Tommy Hilfiger 5j9Je
to the next. Also, although a first quarter moon appears half-lit to us, the illuminated portion we see of a first quarter moon truly is just a quarter . We’re now seeing half the moon’s day side, that is. Another lighted quarter of the moon shines just as brightly in the direction opposite Earth!

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) - v9.2.148 ( Y3 x James Harden Tangutsu slipon sneakers Black Yohji Yamamoto zDQm6x
) - Last updated July 8, 2018 - Send Feedback

NVIDIA CUDA Compiler Driver NVCC

The CUDA Toolkit targets a class of applications whose control part runs as a process on a general purpose computing device, and which use one or more NVIDIA GPUs as coprocessors for accelerating (SPMD) parallel jobs. Such jobs are self-contained, in the sense that they can be executed and completed by a batch of GPU threads entirely without intervention by the host process, thereby gaining optimal benefit from the parallel graphics hardware.

The GPU code is implemented as a collection of functions in a language that is essentially C++, but with some annotations for distinguishing them from the host code, plus annotations for distinguishing different types of data memory that exists on the GPU. Such functions may have parameters, and they can be called using a syntax that is very similar to regular C function calling, but slightly extended for being able to specify the matrix of GPU threads that must execute the called function. During its life time, the host process may dispatch many parallel GPU tasks.

For more information on the CUDA programming model, consult the CUDA C Programming Guide .

Source files for CUDA applications consist of a mixture of conventional C++ host code, plus GPU device functions. The CUDA compilation trajectory separates the device functions from the host code, compiles the device functions using the proprietary NVIDIA compilers and assembler, compiles the host code using a C++ host compiler that is available, and afterwards embeds the compiled GPU functions as fatbinary images in the host object file. In the linking stage, specific CUDA runtime libraries are added for supporting remote SPMD procedure calling and for providing explicit GPU manipulation such as allocation of GPU memory buffers and host-GPU data transfer.

The compilation trajectory involves several splitting, compilation, preprocessing, and merging steps for each CUDA source file. It is the purpose of , the CUDA compiler driver, to hide the intricate details of CUDA compilation from developers. It accepts a range of conventional compiler options, such as for defining macros and include/library paths, and for steering the compilation process. All non-CUDA compilation steps are forwarded to a C++ host compiler that is supported by , and translates its options to appropriate host compiler command line options.

A general purpose C++ host compiler is needed by in the following situations:

nvcc assumes that the host compiler is installed with the standard method designed by the compiler provider. If the host compiler installation is non-standard, the user must make sure that the environment is set appropriately and use relevant nvcc compile options.

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Rice, W. R.
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