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Judy, Your story is an indictment of our medical system. If one of those doctors had given you a B12 test earlier on, think of the misery and ill health you might have been spared. And all that expense spared as well.

It’s probable you’re still not getting optimal treatment. In some people, the serum can show an adequate level of B12, but the CNS can still be grossly deficient in B12. Your symptoms suggest you have subacute combined degeneration (SCD). Nasal sprays are not an adequate treatment for SCD.

Freddd (see his prior posts) has made a remarkable recovery from his SCD based on a protocol of his own devising. It’s a very long road, but you too might be able to experience some recovery. Greg’s company, Mentor Consulting, makes a transdermal product called Red B12, that I think is a much better treatment for B12 deficiency diseases. He gave his email previously: . Some people have had a recovery previously thought impossible via rigorous application of Red B12. It is possible to replete your CNS B12, and sometimes seemingly permanent nerve damage can be reversed.


Hi Judyj, Thank you for sharing your remarkable story with the group. As Lynn has said it is a remarkable indictment of the general medical system. Every time I read a story like this I am amazed that vitamin B12 deficiency was missed for so long, particularly considering your neuronal symptoms. As Lynn has said it is such an easy thing to at least try early on and the test for deficiency is so cheap and easy. I am sure that you are now well and truly around the literature on VB12 deficiency. I have attempted to add some more information on my web-site . My reading of the literature suggests that it may take months or even years to reverse the neuronal damage, during this time it is essential that you keep your levels up. Once the damage has been done to the neurones, they can recover, but it is very slow. The lipids and myelin basic protein have a very slow turnover time, so these have to be gradually replaced for you to get normal function. In this regard Freddd’s story is relevant as by persisting he gradually got better. Many studies in the literature appear to not take this slow turn over into consideration and finish too early. As Lynn has also eluded to it is important to get the levels in the CNS up again and several studies have shown that this does not happen with either high dose oral or with sprays or sublinguals, or if it does it is very, very slow, which may explain why it took Freddd so long. It is for this reason that we designed the transdermal product that Lynn eluded to. Apart from the treatment, one of the most important things to also identify is why you became deficient, as this also has a massive implication later on. Evidence suggests that if you are severely vitamin B12 deficient you also have trouble with intestinal absorption of most of your water soluble vitamins, so it would be useful for you to have your levels of these checked. So be patient, you are on a long road, but at least you have turned the corner. You will find that this group is very supportive if you have further questions.


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