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Charm Bracelet - Beautiful 99 by VIDA VIDA
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Hi Goofy_mom,

It’s not quite that simple. Please be careful. Almost everybody who starts the mb12/adb12/methylfolate has a strong healing startup requiring normally in the range 2000mg-3000mg a day, in several doses. The potassium needs to be on hand at night as it can be quite impossible to stop screaming and get up off the floor if you have the muscle spasms as I do. This can happen for people with a measure level as high as 4.3, about mid-range on one of the usual ranges used. Also, the Metafolin needs to be titrated to need by paying attention to the folate insufficiency symptoms. All the usual vitamins and minerals are needed if healing isn’t going to grind to a halt over and over. Adneosylb12 (Source Naturals 10mg )should be titrated along with the mb12. Only the 5 star mb12 brands should be used.

You need to do something other than that time release iron. Is it prescription? What problems do you have causing you to take that? It can block b12 absorbtion and vitamin E absorbtion for 8-12 hours. Non-time release iron should be taken once a day and vitamin e at least 8-12 hours later. B12 will be sublingual so no problem. Vit B12 deficiency can cause enlarged red cells and hence anemia. Vit E deficiency can cause anemia through red cell fragility. Good luck. If you feel sick a few days after starting that is usually potassium and/or folate deficiencies. I generally advise ti titrate both the Jarrow Enzamatic therapy 1mg these days and start with 1/8 of that and 1/8 of the dibencozide for a few days and as long as the startup and brightening, which is normal, and titrate by an additional 1/8 of each. When healing startup occurs, hold level on that and get the potassium and metafolin blanaced out before continuing. I’m getting this whole process written up for this new titration method over the next few days.

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Freddd, My iron was low (11) in January and my PCP asked me to take supplement. As of last week it is up to 14 which is in range but I didnt want to stop taking it. Recently i am feeling very tired and not able to sleep more than 4-5 hrs at night due to tingling and numbness in right hand and leg. I am starting to feel pain in lower back and stomach too which doesnt make sense to me. I strongly believe my b12 is low (362) and it may be causing bunch of neuro symptoms. I will switch time released to non-time released iron and will add vit-E. Do you recommend particular potassium? I will start out with 1/8 Jarrow Enzamatic 1mg and 1/8 of the dibencozide. What about Folate Metafolin Folic Acid? I am not sure if I have folate deficiency. How can I find out? Thank you, Freddd

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Go to the Notifications tab in the Chef Analytics web user interface.

Click the plus symbol ( + ) and select Splunk.

Name the configuration. For example: splunk-notifier .

Configure the hostname, port, username, and password for the Splunk server.

The default port is 8089 ; modify to match your Splunk install.

You can choose what data to send to the Splunk server by type. Valid types are action , run_converge , run_resource , run_control , and run_control_group . Add the following rules to enable data to be sent to the Splunk server:

The rules block MUST be exactly as shown. If these rules do not match exactly, the Chef App for Splunk may not work correctly.

Chef Analytics can be configured to send event notifications by email.


Chef Analytics must be able to connect to an SMTP server on the configured port. Ensure that your network is configured correctly before proceeding.

To begin, log in to Chef Analytics and click on the Notifications tab.

Next, click on the + button, then click on Email .

The Email Notification form will appear.

Email Notification

Enter a name for your notification by clicking on the field to the right of Email Notification: .

Email Notification:

Fill out the required fields, as well as the Username and Password fields if your SMTP server requires authentication.

Username Password

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For an example of creating a notification that integrates with a remote service via webhooks, see the Slack integration section (above).

A control is an automated test that is built into a cookbook, and then used to test the state of the system for compliance. Compliance can be many things. For example, ensuring that file and directory management meets specific internal IT policies—”Does the file exist?”, “Do the correct users or groups have access to this directory?”. Compliance may also be complex, such as helping to ensure goals defined by large-scale compliance frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley can be met.

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The following methods are built into the Recipe DSL and may be used to configure tests that are run while the chef-client is run in audit-mode:

The chef-client may be run in audit-mode. Use audit-mode to evaluate custom rules—also referred to as audits—that are defined in recipes. audit-mode may be run in the following ways:

This is not really a rare condition. Unfortunately, it took years for me to be diagnosis, seeing multiple doctors and really pushed to get any of them to take me serious. The doctor that finally did some tests was shocked and apologetic when we got the results of the tests. None of the doctors thought I was at risk because I eat so well and live a very healthy life style. I’m not the only one that has encountered these obstacles.

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Further evidence for the proposition that one must take ultimate responsibility for one’s health and not delegate the responsibility to doctors.

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TMAC says

My father just got diagnosed with B12 deficiency and will need monthly injections for the rest of his life. He is in his mid-60s. He has an active lifestyle, he’s a butcher, and we eat meat EVERY day (we might skip meat twice a year max). Nevertheless, his level was 88 which is VERY low. Trying to find out next doctor’s visit if it’s linked to pernicious anemia. I’m in my mid-30s, I grew up eating meat every day (never fish, usually chicken, pork or beef). In university, for convenience and lack of cooking equipment, I switched to mainly chicken (almost daily) and within 6 months I was diagnosed with low iron levels. I’m frequently tired, have a lack of energy and other symptoms but the doctors usually try to talk me out of or refuse to get full blood work done and just tell me to eat more red meat or eat when I get unusually and quickly tired for no apparent reason. These issues DON’T only affect the old or vegetarians, they are very real and have had a very real impact on our lives both as individuals and as a family.

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That’s absolutely right. I should point out that most of my patients eat meat (Paleo type of diet), but several have B12 deficiency caused by absorption problems.

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Dee says

I was recently Diagnosed with B12 deficiency, I am lactose intolerant and tended to stay away from red meat as my family has a history of heart disease. So I suppose those who are also lactose intolerant may also be at a higher risk as well.

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